Queensway Expansion East

Project Overview

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has retained WSP | MMM to complete the Detail Design and Environmental Assessment Study for the proposed permanent closure of the Highway 417 Carling Avenue E-E On-Ramp (WP 4255-15-01) (on-ramp from Carling Avenue Westbound to Highway 417 Eastbound), in the City of Ottawa. The planned widening of Highway 417 between Maitland Avenue and Island Park Drive will result in operational and safety issues due to the introduction of a significantly substandard merge condition for the existing Highway 417 Carling Avenue W-E On-Ramp (on-ramp from Carling Avenue Eastbound to Highway 417 Eastbound). The permanent closure of the low volume E-E On-Ramp is proposed as a means to accommodate the planned widening of Highway 417 and provide a standard-length merge lane for the high volume W-E On-Ramp, while maintaining access to Highway 417 Eastbound within the Carling Avenue interchange.

The Highway 417 Carling Avenue E-E On-Ramp is a low volume on-ramp which carries one lane of traffic onto Highway 417 Eastbound. The project involves the following components:

  • Proposed permanent closure of the Highway 417 Carling Avenue E-E On-Ramp;
  • Maintaining access to Highway 417 Eastbound using the existing W-E On-Ramp; and
  • Construction of related works, including retaining walls, illumination modifications / ATMS, and landscaping.

Traffic management is being coordinated with the City of Ottawa. In order to facilitate safe and efficient access to Highway 417 Eastbound using the W-E On-Ramp and to address weaving issues at the Carling Avenue/Kirkwood Avenue intersection associated with Highway 417 Westbound Off-Ramp traffic, improvements are proposed at the Carling Avenue / Kirkwood Avenue intersection and at the Carling Avenue / Saigon Court intersection.

This project is following the approved environmental planning process for Group “B” undertakings under the Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000), with the opportunity for public input throughout the study.

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