Queensway Expansion East

EA Process

The Highway 417 Nicholas Street Underpass replacement is following the approved environmental planning process for Group ‘B’ projects under the MTO Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000), with the opportunity for public input throughout the project.

To facilitate public involvement, a Public Information Centre (PIC) will be held to present findings and provide interested persons with an opportunity to review and comment on the proposed Detail Design. A notice providing the time and location of this meeting will be published in local newspapers and on the project website. Display materials from the PIC will also be posted online.

As the project progresses, meetings will be held with a Municipal Technical Advisory Committee, and interested groups to discuss and resolve site specific issues.

Upon completion of Detail Design, a Design and Construction Report (DCR) will be prepared and filed for a 30-day public review period in accordance with the Class EA requirements.

At that time, a Notice of Submission will be published in local newspapers and posted on this website to explain the review process and identify locations where the DCR can be reviewed.  The DCR will document:

  • Study objectives;
  • Project-specific earlier and related work;
  • A description of the Detail Design including highway and structural design, landscaping, and Context Sensitive Design implementation;
  • Associated environmental protection/mitigation measures;
  • A summary of Environmental Concerns and Commitments Table;
  • Consultation with external stakeholders and the public; and
  • Further commitments to be addressed during construction.

In accordance with the MTO Class EA, there is no ‘bump-up’ opportunity (i.e. opportunity to make a Part II order request to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change) for the DCR. However, interested persons are encouraged to review and comment on the DCR. If there are no outstanding concerns after the 30-day review period has expired, further documentation will not be prepared and construction may commence without further notice.