Queensway Expansion East

Project Background

Highway 417 Expansion

Between 2002 and 2008, the MTO completed a comprehensive operational review of Highway 417 (Ottawa Queensway) from west of Highway 416 easterly to Anderson Road (GWP 663-93-00) in response to growing traffic volumes in the City of Ottawa. This study evaluated opportunities to optimize the use of the existing facility, while providing for the efficient movement of people and goods. It examined existing and potential future problems and opportunities and provided a recommended plan to guide the evolution of the Queensway over the next 20 years. The study examined the mainline, as well as all interchanges and crossing roadways within the study limits. The recommended plan for the Nicholas Street Underpass included relocation of the bridge piers in order to accommodate mainline widening of Highway 417.

The Preliminary Design and Environmental Assessment Study was carried out in accordance with the approved environmental planning process for Group ‘B’ projects under the MTO Class EA, and was documented in a Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) which received environmental clearance in 2008.

In 2009, MTO undertook a Value Engineering (VE) study to investigate and review alternative designs, construction methods, and construction staging plans for the Nicholas Street Underpass, as well as the interchange. The VE study recommended the full replacement of the bridge, with a new two-lane structure.