Queensway Expansion East

EA Process

These studies are following the approved environmental planning process for Group ‘B’ undertakings under the requirements of the Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO) Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000). The purpose of these studies is to develop a Recommended Plan, including environmental mitigation measures, for  construction.

The EA process includes on-going opportunities for public involvement. Comments can be submitted to the project team by telephone or email. Visit the individual contact information for each structure. All comments received, with the exception of personal information, will become part of the public record.

Once stakeholder input for a given project has been received, the Recommended Plan will be finalized. At the completion of the studies, EA documentation will be prepared to document the entire Environmental Assessment Study for that project including:
• A summary description of the project;
• An outline of the EA process;
• A description of significant transportation engineering and environmental issues and how they have been addressed;
• A summary of stakeholder consultation; and
• A detailed description of the Recommended Plan, including the proposed mitigation strategy.

Upon completion, the EA documentation will be submitted for a 30-day public review period. EA documentation will be available for public review on this website as they are finalized.

Upon completion of the public review period and provided there are no outstanding concerns, a study will be considered to have met the requirements of MTO’s Class EA process.

A detailed explanation of the Class EA Process for Transportation Facilities can be found on MTO’s website.